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Banner Exchanges

Banner exchange networks allow websites to automatically advertise their website or product across a network of sites. Participating sites are provided with a piece of code to copy into their webpages which There both positive and negative points to consider before using one of these services, but for small sites with little or no advertising budget, it is definately an option worth considering.


  1. Your banner is automatically rotated and displayed across a network of sites.

  2. You can usually select appropriate relevent website catagories to be displayed on your site.

  3. Saves time and energy seeking banner/link partners.

  4. Change your banner, site, product etc., via easy control panel.

  1. Members are required to display banners in return on your site.

  2. You have no control over banners displayed on your site, which although are in a relevent catagory, may display inappropriate content or competitors product/service.

  3. Members must abide by the TOS which may include advertising restrictions or exclusive banner display rights.

  4. Often run on a 'by click' basis so small websites with few visitors clicking on the banners receive less traffic and less banner displays than larger sites.

  5. Network company may collect personal/visitor details for their own use or to sell to third parties.

  6. Many banner exchange networks use 468x60 banners which must be placed in the visible top portion or main area of your website. This means that the space usually reserved for advertisers becomes unavailable, thereby limiting or preventing the possibility of earning revenue from your website.

Some traffic may be generated for your site using a banner exchange network, but overall concensus is that although these systems may be useful for personal homepages and non-profit sites, in the long term the only sites that really gain are those who already have a reasonable amount of visitors to start off with.

Banner Exchange Networks

The following listing with links and information to a variety of banner exchange networks are provided for convenience only and do not constitute recommendation of any kind.

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