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Broken Text Effects
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Tutorial: Broken Text Effect
Software: Adobe Photoshop 6.0
Difficulty: Beginner

This Adobe web tutorial will show you how to create a broken effect to your text.

Step One - First off you need to fire up Adobe and go file + new. You will be presented with 'new file' box (see below diagram). Make the width 400 pixels, the height 100 pixels and click white as it's contents and then click OK.


You will now be presented with the following diagram - this is your work area.

White canvas
White canvas area (400x100 pixels)

Text tool Step Two - Now we will begin to apply some text to the white canvas, click on the type tool like shown on the left diagram (or simply press the letter T on your keyboard) and then click inside the button and start typing. Use a strong, fat font like Arial black,

Once you have finished typing and positioning your text you will need to click the tick Tick at the right corner of the text toolbar. You can also use the text tool bar to change font styles and sizes. Below is a diagram of the text tool bar.

Text tool bar
The above diagram shows the text tool bar which appears at the top when ever you apply text.

Step Three - Click on your 'T' layer in the layers palette and then right click + Rasterize layer. See below diagram.

Rasterize layer

Step Four - Click on your lasso tool (see below diagram) and start to draw squiggly lines all over the text, the best way to do this is think back to when you were a kid drawing on a piece of paper - yeah you get the picture.

lasso tool

Step Five - Now go to Layer + New + Layer via Cut and the click on you move tool Move tool
Next go to your keyboard and use the arrow keys to move the layer up 2 pixels (press up arrow twice) and left twice (use left arrows twice). Merge down your layers by going layers + Merge down.

Step Six - Finally repeat steps four and five to complete the broken text effect. Note: When moving the layers do it in the opposite direction as told in step five, so that up will become down and left will become right - this will emphasise the broken effect.

Your text will now look something similar to the below diagram.

broken text effect

I hope this tutorial was of help.

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