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Free Graphics & Clipart Sites

The following sites provide free animations, backgrounds, clipart, fonts, graphics, royalty free photographs, buttons, banners or other images for use on personal, non-profit or commercial websites. Although many of these are free, some sites require a linkback, donation or permission for use on commercial or business websites and may have other requirements for usage of their images. Read their terms of use or other instructions before using their images.

Note: These sites were checked and the notes were correct at time of last update (Feb 2007), however, I am not responsible for content on external sites which may change at any time without notice. Please inform me if you find dead/broken links or inappropriate content. Some of the larger clipart sites have deliberately been omitted from this list - either due to loss of patience with the over indulgence with popup ads or because the site in question uses your sign up details to spam your inbox. All links open in a new window.

1 Stop Pictures
Free pictures, screensavers, wallpaper, photography, clip art, computers, roses, flowers, hotrods, cars, bikes, travel, landscapes, cities, technology. Framed site that uses popups.

1001 Fonts
Subscribe to download free fonts for both Windows and Mac to use with your design program or website. (licence restrictions may apply).

24K Custom Gold Graphics Homepage
Excellent gold clipart, banners, buttons and other graphics. Some are free (requires linkback) others require payment for use. Also supply custom graphics. Popup free site!
Large resource packed with images including web templates, alphabets, textures, backgrounds, side bars, banners, banner parts, buttons, bullets, web elements, dividers, icons, maps, flags, signs, symbols and GUI tools including a graphic and drop down navbar maker from GUI Stuff. (linkback required). Site is graphics heavy so some pages are slow to load, there is also a forum where you can discuss image and design related issues.

Free original graphics and fonts catagorised by fonts, animated gifs, animated backgrounds, backgrounds, buttons, holiday grafix, page elements, page sets, page titiles, themed grafix plus tutorials on improving your webpages. (linkback and sign guestbook placing link to your site).

Absolutely Free Backgrounds
Dozens of free backgrounds in various catagories including artistic, borders, business, classic, general, holidays, natural, patterns, personal and textures plus wallpapers to download and use!

Excellent 3d animated graphics, some free for personal use or subscribe / purchase CD to use royalty free on personal or commercial websites. Loads of catagories, images on white, black and transparent backgrounds.

Animation Library
Over 13,754 free animations for you to use on your website, grouped into catagories, download single images or complete catagory. Includes: alphabets, animals, clothing, computers and technology, creatures and cartoons, food and drinks, geography and history, hobbies and entertainment, holidays, jobs and people, nature, religious, science and body, sports, transportation, webdesign elements, words and miscellaneous clipart like candles, torches, bathroom stuff, buildings....

Animation Patch
Wide variety of backgrounds and clipart in a range of catagories including tropical, holiday, halloween etc.

online search compiling results from Google, Bing and Flicker photo/images. Note that images from search engines may NOT BE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN or availble for personal or commercial use.

Bryde's Free Downloads
Original Desktop Themes, screensavers, wallpapers and IE skins plus 3d resources including tutorials and texture templates for Poser 3, some free meshes, 3d wallpaper and links to related graphics sites.

Cartoon Cottage Graphics
Animations, buttons, backgrounds and funny cartoons available free for non-commercial use on websites. Catagories include animals, babies, baby names, food, holidays, miscellaneous, people, recipies, teachers, teens, wheelchairs.

Catholic Web Authors
Free religious graphics and animations for Roman Catholic Websites, Parish Projects and Newsletters.

Classroom Clipart
Packed with over 4000 images in black and white or colour including animals, architecture, clipart, computers, countries, dinosaurs, geography, history, maps, music, people, plants, scenery, science, space, sports, things, transportation, travel and weather. A boon for all students and teachers !

Collection of links to clipart, icon, picture and photograph sites providing original and public domain images listed by catagory which includes animals, animated gifs, cartoons, computers, schools, office, business, flowers, plants, food, beverages, holidays, special occassion, logos, people, religious, science, fantasy, sfi, sports, transportation, travel, maps, flags, places and web graphics.

Clipart Today
Contains clipart and pictures in various catagories including animals, art & music, astronomy, buildings & structures, cartoons & disney, christian, flowers & nature, food, holidays & special occassions, maps, flags, logos, objects & things, office, computer, people, family, school, college, science, sports, transportation and web graphics. Some are provided by their site and there are links to other sites for each section.

Clipart Connection
Another slightly confusing site where the main page is mainly links to external clipart sites, however, the top navigation leads to the sites own free images which are catagorized by clipart, animations, photos and fonts. Subjects include agriculture, animals, cartoons, clothing, computers, construction, education, email, entertainment, food, hands, holidays, household, international, kids, landscape, medical, money, music, nature, objects, office, outdoors, people, police, real estate, religions, science, science fiction, seasons, signs, space, sports, technology, textures, travel, transportation, wallpaper, web graphics and zodiac.
Wide selection of mainly cartoony type clipart in many catagories available for personal use only. (Webmasters note: I've spotted some of the clipart featured in this collection on microsoft and other clipart cd's so it's worth trying those if you are seeking clipart for website use rather than this site). Catagories include business, celebrations, creative arts, design devices, education, entertainment, fantasy, food, healthcare, history, household, industry, military, nature, people, science, services, sports, structures, technology, travel, valentine and wedding.

Crystal Cloud Graphics
Selection of static and animated religious, spiritial and esoteric graphics including christian, hinduism, buddhism, judaism, islamic, taoist, goddess/wican, native american, celtic, egyptian and greek pantheons plus angels, astronomy, ecology, peace and holidays clipart.

Cybersleuth Kids
An internet search guide for K-12 students. Great resource with a section on web design including an extensive collection of animations, clipart and fonts plus tips on creating webpages, tutorials and downloads.

Dewitt Industries
This graphic artist and logo design company has provided a bundle of neat (mainly small) free clipart including animations, arrows, backgrounds, bars, bullets, buttons and icons which can be viewed on various backgrounds, 'saved as' a picture file, uploaded using Transmissile (receive as email attachment or ftp to your server). Also has an online icon generator and button factory. All accessable by clicking on 'more' in the top navigation bar at their site.

Dierk's Page
Available in English and German - contains a list of animated cursors and gifs plus cursor utilities, dhtml trails, troubleshooting tips and special cursors for lefties and partially sighted.

Draconian Dragon Images
If you're into or looking for pictures of dragons, Here Be Dragons is a great place to start, has tons of links to sites with dragon art.
The java icon generator - purchase the software or tryout their online version (it was offline last time I looked but worth bookmarking when it's working again).

Free backgrounds, themed sets, borders, dividers, buttons and clipart including some stunning fantasy pictures and neat animated signatures (wide range of ever expanding name list) all free for personal use - linkback required.

Free Animated!
Yet another confusing site - the 'enter' site link is at the right top hand corner, all other links lead to external websites. Once inside the same is true of the second page - the links on the right hand side lead to their free clipart. Catagories include, animals, attention getters, animated bars, cartoon clipart, commerce, clipart, counters, email clipart, entertainment, eyes, flashing messages, kids clipart, people, retro, seasons, simpsons, sports, technology and world clipart.
Packed with free clipart, graphics and icons - catagories too many to list. This site is a free section of commercial site 'GraphicsFactory' (some clipart is smaller than the original) whose images can be licensed online.

Free graphics archive and banner goodies for use on websites.

Free Images uk
Another favourite - this site contains a bundle of royalty free stock photographs for use on websites, presentations, desktop or whatever. (registration is free but linkback required for website use). Catagories include images, wallpapers/desktops and presentation templates and you can search the galleries which include technology, transport, the home, backdrop photos, buildings, travel, objects, space, planets, stars, light, sports, games, nature, workplace, medical, seasonal, celebration, food, cooking plus a section on design tips and ideas. (all photos are maximum quality jpeg. (Although most photos are public domain some require permission or have license restrictions - read terms of use before downloading pictures).
Free Graphical User Interfaces. Dozens of web templates plus free online graphic image and drop down navigation makers, design tutorials for various software programs, website add-ons, button makers..... Site can be slow loading due to the amount of graphics. One popup ad on each page.

Although this is a pay to use site, it has thousands of royalty free images, animations, clipart, interfaces, web templates, flash animations, icons and much more available for use on personal AND commercial websites included in the price. Join for a month or a year and get unlimited downloads for the duration of your membership - retain the use of downloaded clipart even when your membership runs out! Great static, animated, 2d and 3d clipart plus some free samples and a tour to try before you buy.

Heritage Image Partnership
The UK's Premier On-Line Image Library featuring pictures from The British Library, The British Museum, The Museum of London, The Science Museum, The National Monuments Record of English Heritage, The Royal Photographic Society, The National Railway Museum, The Corporation of London, The National Motor Museum, The Public Record Office plus The National Museum of Photograpy, Film and Television. You can search and browse the site online - registration (free) is required to view expanded images without images and a free search service is an option for professional picture buyers intending to licence images. The terms of use should be read before downloading.

Icons And Images
Free for use in HTML documents. Provided by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro - all icons are in .zip files - catagories include arrows, bars, dots, flowers, stars, symbols and miscellaneous images all in .gif format.

Bundle of small neat free icons in various catagories including animated alphabets, animals, arrows, backgrounds, bars, cars, computers, document, dots, flags, flowers, food, fractals, infodings, initials, maps, molecules, objects, orbs, road signs, stars, signs and colour tables. Max 20 images allowed for personal use - all commercial or institutional use requires licensure.

Jewish Backgrounds for Webpages
A few nice themed borders, backgrounds and embossed tiles free for personal use.

Jo's World
Packed with animated clipart in a wide range of catagories including music, work, theatre, radio, television, transportation and more all free for personal use. (One of my favourite sites and although slow to load due to amount of graphics, it is popup free !)

Ken's Country & Western Clipart
Western Backgrounds, Lines, Dividers plus animated cowboys, indians and the old west.

Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site
Download Free Web Graphics, Learn about Photoshop and Corel, and much more!

linkware Graphics
This site contains dozens of graphics for personal and business sites including Music Images and SuperBladePro presets which are ready to go or you can customize the design to suit your site. Provided by SK Designs these images are linkware for personal use and a small fee is required for commercial use.

MieNet's Free Icon Libraries
Catagories include Music, Sports, Business, Science, Arts, Hobbies, Humor, Education, Calendar, Agenda, ... very comprehensive and free for use as icons or gifs on webpages (linkback required).

Music Graphics Galore
Backgrounds, clipart, borders, musical instruments, animated musicians, notes, dividers all neatly catagorised. Probably the biggest and best music clipart site on the web.

Northern Sights
A pictoral showcase of the best sights in the North of England, all presented in an easily searchable and browseable format which can be freely downloaded and used in your own web or print based projects. (linkback required for web, email notification required for print)

Partners In Prayer
Religious graphics plus border backgrounds, wallpaper backgrounds and dividers.

Part of the AnimationFactory group of sites contains backgrounds, clip art, web elements, animations and online tools for email, web pages and PowerPoint presentations plus GIFworks, postcard and 3d text makers which are available via subscription.

Public Domain Clipart Links

Rutgers University Network Services
WWW icons and logos - small neat buttons, bullets and dividers free for download and use as inline images in html documents.

Rodeo Action Backgrounds
Free live action rodeo photos that you can download and use as background pictures or in screensavers. Check out the main site for information and links to cowboy artists, books, art shows, photographers, cave art and western clothing.

Free downloadable skins for calculators, clocks, winamp, icq plus desktop themes, buddy icons, wallpaper and screensavers.

Skye's Island Gold Clipart
Collection of themed sets and graphics including cameo's, sparkling hearts, vintage signatures, mask designs, july 4th, easter glitter, webpage sets, christmas gold, stocking stuffers, banners, jeweled frames, borders and tutorials on creating your own graphics, image mapping, dingbat painting, snowglobes, business cards and html and other related subjects.

Range of pre-designed banner templates for various products and company types which can be customised to fit your business or service.

The Graphics Gallery
Wide variety of clipart catagories including 50's to 70's, female graphics, sewing related, african american, western, genealogy, education, backgrounds, wallpapers, seasonal, special occassion, babies, creatures and more.

The Search Party
Hand site with animals, birds, fishing, fun and flower backgrounds plus some of the commonest .dll files which go missing from windows. UK residents are also offered a barter for backgrounds, this ex-brit living in Texas misses a few home comforts ;-)

FREE Photo Image Archive and Copyright FREE Library (email or sign guestbook requested). Catagories include animals, wildlife, computers, technology, communications, equipment, household, flowers, plants, food, drink, office, people, shopping, structures, vehicles, boats, views, water, work, workers.

Windy's Design Studio
Free backgrounds, website templates, fonts, design sets, flash banners, photoshop tutorial viewlets, banners, javascript, interfaces and bars, windows themes, HTML tips and midi jukebox.

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