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Free Music / Film Content for Websites

Many of you have asked me what the position is regarding music on websites. Well the rule of thumb is that anything still under copyright (less than 75 years old), should not be placed on your website unless you are the author of the works..... No that does not mean your midi creation of a popular chart hit can be included! However..... good news is at hand. Many labels, magazines and content providers supply free licensed music, sound clips, photos, reviews and music newsfeeds for webmasters and hobbiests to add to their site.... Easy to install cut and paste codes and no hassle from collection agencies or irate songwriters..... it's free, it's legal..... and they are listed below for your convenience!

Music & Film Content

** AV Flash Players **
Excellent flash players that you can add to your website! Great for musicians who want to showcase their music on their website using mp3 and streaming media without compromising their music or needing coding skills. Create playlists using your own mp3 tracks, add graphics, or produce a neat photo gallery... you can place jpgs as background effects to your music and add annotations. Those with QT or Flash creation programmes can create their own karaoke files and business can use the media publishing version for streaming movies or content, on their website!! These are 'Tipware' which means the Flash AV program (the _pfs.swf file) is licenced as a tipware (only for indivuals), i.e. the client remains free to evaluate his own use of the player and make the adequate contributions that will help developing the program. However, only tippers receive an unlimited version of the file. Limited and unlimited versions have exactly the same features and custom skins/features are available on request for a reasonable fee. (Please note: Affordable Website Design is not affiliated and does not earn commission from sales in any way, we just like the player ;-)

Get the CoolCube streaming mp3 jazz player for your website! Send an email to or use the form available on their site to receive the code.

Bravenet Audio Archive
Free audio clips in a wide range of catagories i.e., classical, rock, country, jazz, dance, blues, folk, bluegrass, pop, film, tv, comedy, holiday and sound effects, available in .au, .wav and .mid formats.

Classical Music Archives
Over 26,000 full length classical music files by 1,661 composers in midi and live recordings downloadable in HiFi, MP3 and streamed in Windows Media Audio. Free or Subscription access available.

FilmFestivals Entertainment
Free newsfeeds for your website from FilmFestivals. Choose from the Festivals Directory search engine, headline news, festival news, festival agenda, film buzz, festival awards, festival players, video streaming. Affiliate program also available.

Free site providing search facilities for sound effects and musical instrument samples. Visitors can also download the FindSoundsPallette software program the lets you search and organise over one million sounds.

Free Audio Clips
Tons of audio clips in wav, midi and au format for your listening and downloading pleasure.

Opensource MP3 decoder/player/converter library

Free customized music charts from MP3Raid. (These used to be quite good but don't seem to be working at the mo..... ?)

Rolling Stone
One of the biggest music mags in the US provides free xml or rs feeds for your blog or newsreader plus music photo gallery, my favourite artist, reviews and charts in cut n paste javascript format. Click Here to see a working example at

Shareware Music Machine
Contribute or display music related tutorials, news and articles from HitSquad on your website. Once accepted you can browse, copy and paste any article in the news network (linkback to SMM required).

Free and pay for Royalty Free music downloads including Sound Effects, Wav Files, Flash Sound.

Spriteworks Developments
Large sound effects library in .wav .au & .mid available for one off $5.00 licencing fee.

The Movie Sounds Page
Collection of announcements and sound snippets from popular movies... (Please Note: It is unlikely that these are licensed for use on websites, but are interesting so the link is included here for entertainment value ;-) Of course if you wanted to use the snippets, you could always contact the film or publishing company for licensing rights.

TVRadio Network
Free TV/Radio guide that offers acces to 1000's of online television and radio stations worldwide under YOUR NAME with the power of their servers plus they split the advertising banner commission with you!! Let your visitors listen to live broadcasts whilst they browse your site...... FREE.

Wav Central
Categorized and databased multimedia files available for download. Includes movies, tv, fx and commercials. (Please Note: We have no way of checking wether these sounds/samples are licensed for use... please check with the author of the file before downloading or using on your website).

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