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Search Engine Scripts & Servers

Provide your visitors with a site search or web search engine downloading and installing one of these scripts or software. These work exactly like a search engine, by indexing your site periodically to collect and compile information which is stored in a database. When users make a search the query is directed to the search engine host which returns search results of your site. Also check out the Remotely Hosted Search Engines.

Search Engine Servers

Alkaline Search Engine Server
Install a professional and customisable search engine on your website! This is not a tool for beginners but a professional standard script that requires knowledge of coding and installation procedures for use. Free for non-commercial sites and non-profit organisations.

Simple web indexing system for humans - enhanced. fast, powerful, flexible, free, and easy to use system for indexing collections of Web pages or other files.

Directories & Links Engines

Zeus Links Manager
Free and pro versions of this search engine friendly link robot that builds a link directory and creates reciprocal links for you. Uses interfaces and add-on Perl cgi scripts with advanced features such as keyword searches. Free version has limitations and includes banner advertising.

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