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Domain Services

A selection of free and low cost alternative services like web and email forwarding / redirect, web based email and short url tools are listed below for your convenience. Note that free services rarely have guaranteed uptime plus the service can be removed without notice. Click Here for the Domain FAQ, Name Search & Registration.

Web / Email Forwarding and Redirection Domains

Mr Pop Box
Specialist email services offering families, individuals and businesses access to high quality, fast, hassle-free and reliable email access at a reasonable and affordable price.

Web and Email Forwarding
Service that lets you point your domain name to any existing web site that may have a long or confusing URL, without paying the normal costs associated with Web hosting.

Free URL Forwarding / Redirection Domains

Free and professional global domain management services including re-direction, Managed DNS Hosting, Secondary DNS Services, Dynamic DNS, Backup Mail Services, Email Guiding, Web Guiding, Web Camping, Redundant Name Servers

Free domain name re-direct (registration required).
Register for a free domain + various other .tt domain names. Site available in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

Free and professional domain management tools with no banner ads including domain/email forwarding plus. Pro users get access to cname, mx, hostname, ip address included.

Sign up for a free sub-domain ( & others). Various features include url masking, path forwarding, frame kill, metatag support, mirror management, traffic stats and referrer reports. No popup or delay pages, requires linkback via a small image (88x31) or text link on your site.

Short, easy-to-remember redirection addresses for personal and business use, free of charge.

Free DNS Supported URL Forwarding / Redirection
Register a free domain name which can be delegated using dns or forwarded to any existing website.
Free url redirection services with domain including url cloaking, path forwarding, subdomain forwarding, mail aliases, mx aliasing, dynamic dns, mail forwarding, web mail and various other services.

Free static and dynamic dns and url redirection.

Free Online Short Url

Shorten long url's with DigBig the online tool provided by the producers of FreePint.

Shorten a long web address with a free online tool and stop those broken links in emails! Use the box below to shorten your url now !!

Enter a long URL to make tiny:

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