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CGIScript free and professional cgi and php scripts GraphicsFactory

Graphics Manipulation Tools

There is a wonderful array of free and commercial graphic manipulation tools available online. If you have arrived at this page from another site or page please check out Affordable Website Designs free Online Design Tools and graphic manipulators first. These external links also lead to useful tools like button and banner makers, image size reducers, image filters, gif dividers and a whole lot more! Save your original images before making any adjustments! Please Note: Although every endeavour is made to check these links on a regular basis, Affordable Website Design has no control over content provided by external sites which may be removed or replaced at any time.

Button Makers

Choose from onver 5000 exclusive buttons available to download and use free of charge on your website! Wide range of colours and styles including navigation buttons, round buttons, mac tabs, buttons and pill buttons plus tutorials on creating buttons and using the buttons from AAA Buttons! Linkback required.

Button Generator
Free online tool that allows the user to add text to a small selection of pre-designed buttons. Various colours and limited styles available. Linkback required.

Flash Buttons
Create free animated flash buttons and web page menus online with this generator. Free buttons display a small FlashButtons link. Members have access to further styles and added sound feature.

Free Buttons
Quality free button images including original and professional button sets, custom hand made buttons. 13 styles available in the free section, further buttons are offered via the button library. Linkback required.

Banner Makers

Ad Designer
Unique FREE service that gives you the power to design and download professional-quality, animated banner ads quickly and easily. In seconds, you can create top-quality, optimized banner ads that are perfect for your favorite banner exchange, a paid advertising campaign, or anywhere else.

This site used to provides online banner creation tutorials with instruction for making banners using existing software programs.

Banner Generator
Fill in the form to generate your banner free online. Created with ImageMagik, this is a little more complicated than other tools, some knoowledge of graphics terminology and manipulation is required.

Creative Connectivity's Banner Creator
Select one of the backgrounds provided or use a blank from Bannerz-R-us.

Great online gif button and banner creator with both free and commercial designs. Flash, animated and static banner templates available for online customisation.

Web Animator
Create free animated banners, buttons or displays with this online tool. Just select the banner style and enter text to be animated. Site also offers flash components and animation software.

Miscellaneous Image Makers

Provides a bundle of free online image makers and manipulation tools including Lable maker, License maker, Heart maker, mapper plus a bundle of other free scripts and codes.

Church Sign Generater
Free online generator for creating neat church signs for use on websites!

The Icon-O-Matic & Ribbon-O-Matic! Pick a graphic from the wide range available then use the online generator to change the color and text!

Image Manipulation

Cool Archive
Free clipart, fonts, icons, animations, backgrounds, sounds and online logo/banner and button makers.

Online graphics generator for webpages or anywhere else you need to place a logo. Real-time logo, banner or button generation, simply choose the kind of image and fill out the form for your image to be created on the fly free of charge.

DeWitt Industries
Contains a selection of free animated clipart plus bionic buttons, imageware optimizer, webart banner maker, button factory, icon factory and license plates.

Free online favicon (icon) editor (PC address bar icons). Requires registration with before you can access the editor. Custom favicon service and Icon Forge Favicon Edition also available.

Popular free online image generator. Create logos, headings, buttons and banners or download webart, desktop wallpaper, fonts and fontart.

Free online GIF Optimizer. Simple, easy to use image optimizer. Pro version also available.

Gif Split
Online Gif splitting tool which will divide one gif into an array complete with html which you can then adapt for use as an 'image' map.

Gif Tools
Contains online gif and jpeg compressors plus tiff to jpeg and bmp to jpeg converters. (images must be available online to work.

Free online image editor from AnimationFactory's MediaBuilder. Create your own special effects with any GIF even animated ones... resize, colorize, optimize then save and use as desired! There are even a few sample AF graphics for you to play with.

Generate images in various sizes.... choose from planets, clouds, stars, craters, patterns, upc, earth and noise.

Free online JPEG Optimizer. Simple, easy to use image optimizer. Pro version also available.

ImageMagick (pc's)
free online image fiter allows the user to convert or manipulate an image directly form a webpage or their hard-drive. Functions include resize, transform, enhance, effects, f/x, decorate, annotate, draw and paint.

Net4TV - MagickStudio
Created by ImageMagick this free online image fiter allows the user to convert or manipulate an image directly form a webpage or their hard-drive. Functions include resize, transform, enhance, effects, f/x, decorate, annotate, draw and paint. This link is good to have if the main ImageMagik site is offline or busy.

Free online image editor which allows the user to upload or call images from anywhere on the web and edit them using the tools provided. Some restrictions apply (max 200kb filesize). Functions include resize, crop, rotate, flip, buttonize, add text, various color manipulation and optomization effects.

Used to have tons of free online tools but now charge a fee... the Gifbot graphics optomization tool is still free and reduces the file size (not image dimensions) for gif, jpeg and animated gif images.

Online 3D Graphics Generator allows text to be rendered into a 3D Image. Site also includes a basic online graphics editor.

The Shape Machine
An online POV-Ray rendering utility which creats gifs and jpgs. Complex program which creates three dimensional graphics using lighting and surface finish effects.

Text Image
Easily generate cool text-images from almost any picture you have on your computer!

Web based graphics generator which allows the user to add effects from over eight catagories, many of which are animated plus background colours to any image on the net. An image displaying each effect are also provided. No downloads, plugins or java required.

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