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Website Hosting Co-Branding

Offer free webspace and hosting for your users with these co-branded solutions. Take advantage of hosting companies who offer webmasters the ability to add a free or commercial hosting solution to their website which can be customized to match the look and feel of your existing site. Also browse the Free Hosts and Paid/Commercial Hosting.

Hosting Co-Branding

Site Builder **
One of the most advanced online site creators and hosting options available on the internet. People can create professional websites within minutes. Partners can either add a banner or text link or use one of the co-branded or fully branded options. View Example.

Also known as ZeroCatch. Become your own free webhost provider using their hardware and tech support. Partners receive 50% of the banner ads and 25% of all paid upgraid subscriptions plus banner free webspace to host their domain name. Pages are customizable and automatically generated. Features include email users, edit/delete accounts, statistics etc. Hosting features 100MB space for Domain or Sub-domain, ftp and browser upload, password protected files, 600mb bandwidth month and a collection of scripts.

offer Co-Branded free websites to users with your domain name. Integrates seamlessly with your site, receive 50% of the banner space to run your own ads and earn commission if your users upgrade all co-branded pages display their logo but can be removed by upgrading to become a paid premium partner.

Portland Communications
Offer your users the opportunity of hosting pages as a subdomain of your domain name free! A reference to Portland is required and there is a 100mb transfer limit. Other solutions inc reseller and server sharing.

Resellers Panel
Free Reseller Web Hosting Program with unique Turn-Key solution. Automated reseller option requiring no setup fee or deposit. Choose the plan/products you wish to sell and get paid commission on every sale. No special programming skills or HTML knowledge is required. Set up your web store in minutes and host your reseller domain on their servers at no additional cost.

WebSiteManager Cafe
Create and host a professional website and/or your own e-commerce store. Free service by Choose a template and use their online software to add and edit pages. Banner ads displayed on free pages. Co-branding also available but if the user forums are anything to go by it's not that user friendly and doesn't have any support. The free pages look quite nice and could be good for beginners or those looking for somewhere to start.

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