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Streaming Media Hosting Companies

Streaming content like music and video are usually priced far higher than normal hosting due to extra resources used. Far more space and bandwidth is required which limits the amount of sites that a hosting company can include on their server. I have NOT used any of the following companies, but list them for the convenience of my site visitors ;-)

Streaming Media Hosting Companies

Streaming service provider for video, music and webcasts. Real Media or Windows Media or Flash or Apple QuickTime. Various packages available, starting from 50 a month.

Low cost Video hosting for everyone. Upload your video's to their server and include the code on your website or in newsletter/emails for your fans to listen to online. Wma (Windows Media) files only - other formats available soon. Prices ar based on per minute of video uploaded and the amount of views it can have a month. Basic package starts at 3.00 for a one minute video that can be viewed 200 times.

Add the power of video to your email or website using their software record video messages right from the desktop and send them to anyone with an email address anytime of day. Pricing starts from 11.95 per month for one minute recording time, 500 MB Streaming at 30kb to 190kb.

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