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Hosting Scripts

Start your own webpage or website hosting service at your domain! Enable your website with one of these file managers, web host managers, virtual server administrators and upload scripts that enable you to allow users to register, create and upload their website to the host server.

Hosting Scripts

cPanel & WebHost Manager
Very popular feature rich and easy to use web hosting control panel system with web based interface (GUI). WHM allows administration of individual accounts, reseller accounts and system maintenance via a secure interface whilst the cPanel is designed for the end user to control add/remove email/files and databases.

Homepage hosting scripts that allow you to start your own homepage hosting service. Allows users to easily build and host webpages on your website. Requires MS Access or MS SQL database backend to use the asp based 'FingerTips'.

My Genesis Web Authoring System
This script lets you author web pages from your web browser, and it lets you delegate authoring privileges to other user accounts that you create. It includes an interface for listing all files in a directory, editing text or HTML files, creating text or HTML files, uploading binary, text or HTML files, deleting files, and renaming files. The script supports unlimited nested subdirectories and allows you to create, delete, rename and switch directories as you work. Perl CGI Scripts provided by Fluid Dynamics Software.

This Linux server administrator software, plus ConFixx, Virtuozzo and HSPcomplete have been aquired by SWsoft who provide a comprehensive line of Control Panels, Virtual Private Server and hosting automation software.

Web hosting automation tool / server control panel for web hosting companies. Tripanel features three levels of administration including Administrator, Reseller and Siteadmin. Currently supports RedHat Linux 7 and is currently being modified to run on RH9. There is a working demo and screenshots available at the site.

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