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If you own or maintain a website then you know how important it is to make sure that it is accessable to as many people as possible. There are many useful tools available on the net which allow users to check individual sites website performance, uptime, traceroute and who owns the domain.


Traceroutes show you the path that packets take between two Internet hosts, which is useful in finding when pieces of the Internet are down. For instance, if you are unable to find a particular website, try using one of the links listed below to a traceroute site. If you can't get to the traceroute site, then your site or the one you are looking for is probably disconnected from part or all of the Net. If you can reach the traceroute site and it can't find the site you requested, it is probably disconnected from part or all of the Net. And if you reach the traceroute site and it reaches the site you requested, then there's a routing problem between you and the site.

Who is

'Who is' search engines, software and online scripts allow users to search the domain registration services for domain name availability and owner details. This is extrememly useful if you want to find out if your domain name is available, for tracing the domains ownership or want more details on the company. Try out a Who Is search !

Useful Links

DNS Report
Provides users with a DNS report for their domain. A very large percentage of domains have DNS problems; this site will help you find those problems and fix them. Also, the "Mail Test" tool will help find mail delivery problems for your domain.

Links to Traceroute resources plus online calculators, spam tools, dig DNS, RFCs and Whois look up.

How to Locate Internet Visitors by IP Addresses
Visit IP2Location and Translate IP Address to Country, Region, State, City and ISP

Internic Whois Search
Online Whois search for .aero, .arpa, .biz, .com, .coop, .edu, .info, .int, .museum, .net, and .org extensions.

Mr. Hot
Neat software that allows the user to watch favourite website pages for changes. Track latest versions of software, catch news updates and more. It works by using spare bandwidth to check your list of important pages for changes when you collect your email. When he has news, the tray icon flashes, you can decide to go straight to the page or download it for later viewing.

Network Tools
Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server (DNS) Lookup, WHOIS, and DNS Records Lookup.

Toms Networking Tools
Provides some useful online tools for checking your website, hosting and domain including: Perform a traceroute to any internet host or a traceroute back to your webbrowser's host. Perform a 10 packet ping to any internet host. Lookup an entry in the internic whois database and various other neat utilities.
This is a large collection of traceroute, looking glass, route servers and bgp links from around the world.

Web site performance monitoring with online interface to trigger ping and traceroute tests from more than 200 locations all over the world.

Transfer files to your web server.. useful for WebTV users who are unable to save images on their own machine.

The universal 'Who is' for internet domains allows the user to check the availability of a specific name in up to 10 top level domains at once.

VisualRoute Server
This UK VisualRoute Server based in Richmond, Surrey, provides a graphical traceroute from this server to any other network device you choose, useful for pinpointing network connectivity problems and identifying IP addresses. Also includes PageSleuth which measures the efficiency of your web pages, eMailTrackerPro the email analysis tool that tracks internet emails back to the sender and VisualLookout which monitors open ports on your system that firewalls often do not protect and sends email alerts to notify you of suspicious activity.

Website Availability **
Excellent service that keeps track of your website uptime and performance. This monitoring service checks your website every 5 mins, 24 hours a day and notifies you immediately when your site is unavailable or doesn't respond correctly to your email address, pager, mobile phone or ICQ. You can also set up a message to be sent to your hosting company support dept! The standard account allows you to check 3 websites, you can check secure (https://) or non-secure (http://) websites. Grab a 2 Week Free Trial !

Useful FREE software for Windows 98/2000 which allows the user to view the whois information even if your favourite whois web site is down! Supports any domain extension that allows whois lookups.

Domain based research services including Whois lookup, search by domain or keyword, search through deleted domains, news, trademark info and other useful information.

Whois for Windows 95/98/NT
This useful piece of software is free to download and use direct from your desktop! Requires an internet connection and 32 bit Windows.

Use the UK Nominet search engine to find out the restration details of a domain name or ip address.

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