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Speed Page Generator v1.0b

Create a basic webpage free online without coding or programming knowledge with this speed page generator. Enter the details then click 'coding and preview' to see the result. Colour name or hex code can be entered in the relevent boxes (click here to find hex code values - opens in a new window so you don't leave this page). When you are happy with the page go to 'file' and 'save as' to your pc then upload it to your website host.

Please note: If the page you wish to create is intended to be your homepage it will need to be named one of the following:

Name of site in title bar 
Header of page 
Description of page 
Keywords for search engines 
Intro paragraph to page
Background color 
Text color 
link color 
Visited link color 

Paragraph 1 of page

Paragraph 2 of page

Paragraph 3 of page

Paragraph 4 of page

link 1 name  link 1 location 
link 2 name  link 2 location 
link 3 name  link 3 location 
link 4 name  link 4 location 
link 5 name  link 5 location 

Code Created by Howard Chen

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