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Free Java & DHTML Script Links

There are some excellent sites packed with free java applets, javascripts, dhtml scripts and tutorials. Most are easy to cut and paste into your website to create a dynamic feel. I can find and implement most types of free javascripts and java applets into your existing website, pre-designed template or integrate scripts into a custom design. Browse this site and my Design Gallery for examples.

Individual Scripts

Click on 'Hobbies > Tech' to get this rather neat javascript animation toolbox that makes little images wander round the page. Full instructions and tutorial available on site. View our Animagix Working Example. The author also provides a selection of free applets, codes and a really 'organic' pumpkin skin for the sonique player!

Developers of iNavigate, a neat tree style dynamic DHTML Menu called iNavigate. Personal, Professional and Server editions range in price/features but a free evaluation version is available for download and trial.

Formerly known as WWContests, this unique script allows the user to host contests, surveys, polls or quizzes from their site without having to manually handle entries, winners, totals and other time consuming stuff.

Fast Online Users
Free and easy to install script that displays how many visitors are currently on the page. Just like this: visitors online

Neat free Java Chat Applet for your website with feature-rich, IRC-compliant web interface. It allows real-time chat on a webpage hosted by with no ad banners.

Free windows software tool for creating applet message scripts plus a selection of free javascripts and the professional NewsMaker Applet news and message scroller for web pages. Download fully functional version and try before you buy!

Free javascript Shopping Cart! No CGI access required! Place products on your pages with this easy to use free script which supports various languages, currencies, multiple products and secure servers.

Free javascript library which enhances websites by using small text information boxes (tooltips) to help visitors navigate your site. Script and full documentation for customisation and installation available at the site.

Tree Menu FolderTree
Cross-browser DHTML and JavaScript applet with online visual builder. Various types of layout and possible behaviours. Unlimited hierachiacal levels, fram or frame-less layouts, customizable. Also favorites manager (asp), webmail (asp) and web file browser (php & php code).

General Collection Sites

500 free DHTML and JavaScript applets download menus, guestmaps, scrollers, tickers, dynamic animations, image, pop-ups and other utilities.

A1 Javascripts
Extensive selection of free javascripts including background effects, form navigation, game scripts, midi related, mouseovers, page effects, redirection, site navigation, status bar effects, text effects, time related, user information, miscellaneous and utilities.

Applet Depot
Free java applets with documentation and demo examples for use on your website. Includes clocks, animation, Ascii, sound, button, calendar, colouring and comic books, games, puzzles, site map, ticker, web tour, flash cards, text and image effects. The applets author is also available for custom work.

Software and Scripts by CodeBrain including source code viewer, image rollover maker, popup maker, scrollbar styler, link cloaker, site capture, chmod utility and text scoller plus a variety of applets and perl scripts. Other scripts and applets are also available from their associate sites CodeBrain (java applets), D3Q (xp icon control), BrainCode (java applets).

Free dynamic html scripts, navigation scripts, menu scripts....

Free DHTML and JavaScripts plus articles, tutorials, frequently asked questions and discussion forum.

Dynamic Drive
Wide range of free DHTML scripts for webmasters including navigation menus, scrollers, calendars, games, links, tooltips, XML, RSS, document, image and text effects plus css menus and other really neat stuff.

Free Java applets, many with source code plus tutorials, references, Java sites, zines and books.

Freeware and shareware javascripts, html editors, web design utilites, servers, conversion tools and tutorials.

Java[tm] Sun
Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition free downloads direct from Java.Sun. Documentation available on site which also includes information on java applets, applications, servlets, javabeans and other technologies.

Free java applets and scripts including menues, site mapping, scrollers, fx menus, image fx, announcements...

Java Boutique
Free Java tutorials, articles and reviews for beginner to professional java programmers plus java applet and javascript downloads some with source code. Free applet catagories include navigation menus, trees, banners, buttons, image maps, network utilities, educational tools, sound, music, games, utilities, visual, text and image effects.

Hundreds of free java scripts and java applets available to download. Tons of catagories including alerts, animation, audio effects, background, banner and browser utilities and a whole lot more useful scripts for webmasters plus javafile forum, tools and java help, java programming. (TM)
Definitive JavaScript resource packed with javascript tutorials and free java scripts.

JavaScript City
Submit or download a small collection of free cut and paste javascripts, browse the tutorials or discuss javascript with other developers in the forums.

Provides free javascripts developed using Object Oriented (OO) methods rather than 'Procedural' which means more than one script can be used on the page. Latest scripts include TransRollovers, MM Rollovers, link faders, fireworks and halloween with various others in development.

JavaScript Kit
Formerly Website Abstraction. Comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS web building and script creation tutorials, tips and example codes plus over 400+ free JavaScripts to use on your website!

Javascript Search
Browse and download free javascripts including alerts, buttons, calendars, clocks, cookies, counters, forms, games, miscellaneous, navigation, page info, passwords, text, user info, utilities, windows and effects.

JavaScript Source
Large collection of free JavaScripts, tutorials, example code, reference, resources and java help for webmasters and programmers.

Free javascripts including sniffers, forms, windows, browser, images, links, frames, clocks/time and a variety of miscellaneous scripts plus easy to follow installation instructions and free content.

CGI Perl web scripts written by experts to provide drop in replacement scripts for Matt's Scripts. Includes FormMail, cookie lib, countdown, free for all links, guestbook, image counter, random image, links, text, simple search, text clock, text counter, TFMail with or without autoinstall plus wwwboard.

This link leads to the JavaScript section but the site has a wide range of links to scripts in every catagory including asp, c/c++, cfml, flash, java, php, perl, python, visual basic, xml plus links to remotely hosted alternatives. Scripts can also be rated.

Free online javascript popout menu creator for making popup menus, popdown menus, pulldown menus, dropdown menus. Site also contains tutorials, demos and help faq. The finished script is free for you to use but the author requests an optional donation of $1 to help support development if you like and use it.

Java script tutorial for the total non-programmer! Takes you step by step through the fundimentals and teaches you how to write functions, use data, create conditionals, program loops and other useful tips. Provided by a teacher who assumes no prior programming experience but some knowledge of html. CGI tutorial and two database programs tutorials also available.

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