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Shavi's link Maker v.1.0

Insert the url of the link
Insert the description for the url
The following Link Maker Template enables you, the "not familiar with HTML" user, to create links. It has been created by the use of "javascript" that can be viewed in the source-code.

Basic Instruction :

  • Insert the url. 
  • Insert a description for the url. 
  • Click on "Add link to the combo list" button. 
    • Everytime you add a link, a window will open showing you a combo list of links. 

    • Close down the window and add another link.
      Keep adding links and closing the window until you have finished adding links.
      Don't close the last window - go to the top of the page and click on 'View' and again on 'Source' - a new window will open with the code for all the links you have just created. Copy and paste the source code into the page where you want it to appear.
  • Enjoy !!! 
For any comments mail shiavi
There are no rights on this link-Maker Template due to Shimon's motto "LONG LIVE GLOBALIZATION" 

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