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Create animated Javascript-based banners and images online. The applet writes the HTML and JavaScript code for you and doesn't require any programming!

The creation of an animation entails three basic steps:

Create the images using a graphics program, e.g. Corel or Paint Shop Pro (a combination of GIFs and JPEGs may be used) and upload the images to the server where your site is situated.

Enter the image files into the applet using the appropriate numbered textfields. At least two images must be entered with the first image entered into the first textfield. If you require a specific image to be displayed for a longer period than the given loop interval, simply leave one or more textfields following it empty and the applet will fill them in with the same image file. This causes the same image to be displayed several times before the next image in the series is displayed. There is no need to fill in the empty textfields as this is automatically done by the applet, with the exception of the final image in which case a manual repetition of the name is required where appropriate. This is due to the fact that you may not wish to use all of the image frames in the applet and therefore the applet assumes that the last textfield used contains the final image to be displayed in the cycle.

The link, target and loop delay textfields are optional and if they are left blank, then the animation will not contain a link and will loop using the default interval of 1000 milliseconds, i.e. 1 second per frame. Please note that before updating the HTML code, you must reset the HTML code area.

Copy and paste the HTML code into any text editor, e.g. Notepad and save the file as a .htm file. Please note that the generated code is aimed at producing a completely new page onto which the user can build according to their needs or requirements. PLEASE NOTE: should you want to paste the generated code into an existing .htm file, the relevant HTML tags created by this program must be removed, otherwise it will not work properly.

Start Animating Here or take a look at the Example Page.

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