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Website owners and designers - become an affiliate and earn money by referring customers or by reselling the Online Site Builder & Hosting services through your website. Already registered? Click Here to login to your account.

Reasons to Join

Online Web Site Building is one of the most high growth sphere in Web Development Industry. Now you can participate in this business with Site Builder's affiliate program. Just choose the level of your affiliation program and start earning money today!

1. Link / Banner referral program
Simply type of cookie based affiliate program. Each person, who visits Sitebuilder through your affiliate link (you will get one during registration) or the banner (you can download them at your affiliate interface) will bring you 20% of all sales lifetime.

2. Private Brand Solution
Advanced type of earning with SiteBuilder. This type of affiliate program allows you to create your own web site builder using skins, templates, and site building engine of SiteBuilder. The sitebuilder will be absolutely Private Brand. It'll look like: so none of your visitors/customers will know that in fact the site builder locates at our servers. Moreover Site2You assumes all technical, billing, and support fees. You will be getting 20% lifetime recurring commission of sales through your website. You will be able to choose the skin for your site builder and make lots of useful changes in its content and layout.

Billing type: Site2you billing system and antifraud protection.
Hosting: Hosting on Site2you servers.

3. Hosting solution
Hosting solution is the 3rd level of the partnership that Site2You can offer to Hosting Providers. The main difference from the previous form (Private Brand Solution) is that now you still use our templates, skins and technologies but you can offer your customers your own hosting services. After your customer creates its site it will be automatically transferred to your servers. You can establish your own prices. Site2You will only charge a small commission for using its Templates and Sitebuilding Engine. Your customers will be able to reach the Sitebuilder and to make all the necessary changes or updates anytime.

Billing type: Joined billing system and antifraud protection.

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