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How do I determine the value of my website?

This article is not intended to give you a figure of value for your website but to help you examine the points that can determine a website's worth in terms of design, content, traffic, operating costs and other amenities that form the fabric of your website. The below questions are intended to help you gauge a sense of your websites strengths and weaknesses thus allowing you to form a clear understanding of your website when determining the value of of it.

Here are a few things for you to assess before evaluating your website.

Website URL/Domain names: -
What type of domain name does your website have? Is it rellevant to your website and targeted audience? The more targeted and relevant a URL is, the more valuable that domain will be (in terms of visitors/search engines). If you dont have your own domain or you are using a Geocities type domain I would suggest that you get your own domain, this will give your website a proffesional image and its own identity.

Overall look and feel of your website: -
What is the overall look and feel of your website, is it condusive to your visitors needs, is it condusive to the management of content? Is it compatible with differant browsers, platforms and resolutions.

Content: -
Is the content displayed on your website organized, current, reliable well presented and communicated effectively? Not only the type and quality of your content can increase the value of your website but also the interset generated by it. Does your website contain "sticky" and rellevant content?

Website Interest: -
Is your website engaging, will it promt the visitor to return? Is your website useful and what purpose does it offer to the visitor.

Navigation: -
Is your websites navigation structure fast and easy to find things without getting lost? Is the navigation intuitive?

Design appeal and function: -
Is the design and aesthetics of your website appealing? Do you have an attractive website? Is the function practical and smooth?
A bland and dated website can not only be detrimental to the overall value of your website but also the impact it has on visitors.

Creditability and trust: -
Is your website accurate? Does it appear be a solid entity? Is your website professional in its presentation and conduct?
A website with an understanding and relationship with its visitors will attract loyalty from these visitors.

Interactivity and community: - Does your website provide community features such as forums/message boards. Can the visitor communicate with your website?

Traffic flow: - What type of traffic does your website get? How much traffic does your website recieve? Is your traffic unique or repeat, or both?

Visitor type: - What type of visitor does your website attract?

Databases: - Is your website run on a database? A website run on a database can be invaluble in terms of traffic flow, mainteneance and management.

Maintenance/update and website management: - Does your website have a maintenance/update control panel for easy updating etc. What unique management features does your website have?

Generating income: - Does your website generate an income? What type of income does it generate? Does it generate a solid income from sales of products or services from your website? Does it generate an income from affiliates? Does your website generate income from advertisment placings on your website?

Website operating costs: - How much does your site cost to host? How much does it cost to maintain? How much does it cost to produce content?

Generating income + website operating costs =profit income: - Does your website generate a profit from income generated against website operating costs?

Location and accessibility: - Does your website serve 1 location or continent/country? Is your website global? Is your website accessible to all?

All the above are key questions you need to answer that will help you to determine the value of your website, some points will be applicable to your website, some wont. There is no difinitive price guide to websites because every website is unique and has its own advantages and dissadvantages.

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