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Nightime Star Effects
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Tutorial: Star In The Night Sky Effect
Software: Adobe Photoshop 6.0
Difficulty: Beginner

This Adobe web tutorial will show you how to create a cool night time backdrop with stars.

Step 1: Fire up Adobe Photoshop and go to File + New to create a new file image. Set the width and the height to the settings that you want. I chose 300 pixels for the width and 150 pixels for the height. See the 'Step 1 diagram' below.

(Step 1 diagram)

New file image

Step 2: Now you will need to fill the image area with a color. Select your color from the palette (I used the color black #000000) and then go to Edit + Fill. A Fill box will now appear, select Foreground color and click OK as shown in the 'Step 2 diagram' below.

(Step 2 diagram)

Fill box

Step 3: Now go to Filter + Noise + Add Noise. An Add Noise box will appear, select Gaussian and Monochromatic then move the Amount slider to 142 and press OK as shown in the 'Step 3 diagram' below.

(Step 3 diagram)

Add Noise box

Step 4: Now go to Filter + Blur + Gaussian Blur. A Gaussian Blur box will appear, move the Blur Radius slider to 0.5 then click OK as shown in the 'Step 4 diagram' below.

(Step 4 diagram)

Gaussian Blur Box

Step 5: Finally go to Image + Adjust + Levels. A Levels box will appear, use the Imput Levels 172 0.35 248 and then click OK as shown in the 'Step 5 diagram' below.

(Step 5 diagram)

Adjust Levels box

Now to finish it off go to Layer + Flatten Image and then save it to your hard-drive.

The finished Indented Stars In The Night Sky Effect should now look similar to the below image.

The finished tutorial result

I hope this tutorial was of help.

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