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Stroke Text Effects
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Tutorial: stroke text effects
Software: Adobe Photoshop 5.0 & 6.0
Difficulty: Beginner

This Adobe web tutorial will show you how to add stroke effects to text.

First off you need to fire up Adobe and go file + new. A box will appear (see diagram below). Make your new file 300 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height. This will leave you with plenty of room to type your text.

File + new box.

You will now have a new transparent file. This is the file that you will type your text on to. To do this, go to your pallette and click on the text symbol >> Text tool symbol Now go to your transparent file and click where you want your text to appear. Type your text (see diagram below).


Now you need to creat a new layer by clicking the make new layer icon >> Make new layer.
Press CTRL and click the original layer at the same time to select the layer (the one with the T next to it). See the diagram below).

Selected layer.

Now you need to create the stroke outline effect by clicking on the new layer that was created (should be named layer 1 and is above the layer with the T next to it). Next go to edit + stroke. A small box will appear (see diagram below). Make the width 3 pixels and the color can be what ever you like. Make the location inside so that the ragged edges are minimil. Mode, normal and opacity 100%. Once you have done this click OK.

Stroke effect.

Your file will now look like the below diagram. Notice the blue outline around the text this is the stroke effect.

Now Flatten your file by going layer + flaten image. Thats it you can now save your file.

I hope this tutorial was of help.

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