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Click Here to visit the Design Gallery Creating a website can be a bit, well... overwhelming. There is so much information out there, and so many choices to be made that it can be hard to even get started.

Probably the most important decision is who will design the site. Initially, I toyed with the idea of doing it myself. Half a year later, having lived through the website creation experience, I must say this would have been a huge mistake! A simple website, yes, I could have managed that. But could I have created the website I have today, with Tracey's help... not even close!

It's quite remarkable that I even found Tracey. You'd think I would hire someone where I live, rather than across an ocean! But none of the other designers I interviewed "felt" right. Invariably, I'd come away from the conversation thinking that they "weren't on the same page." When creating a custom website, this likemindedness is invaluable, as there are so many times when you have to say to your designer, "What I want is like this..."

I have found that Tracey has a marvelous knack for discerning what I'm getting at. In fact, she would often come back to me with alternatives that I hadn't thought of that were even more like what I wanted than what I had asked for! And the distance issue turned out not to matter at all, since all our communication was through emails or web pages.

I'm not (or so I'm told) the easiest person to work for. My drive to always make things better would exasperate most people. But not Tracey. I think that's one of the many reasons that we worked well together. She really cared about my site, and consistently went the extra mile to make it the best it could be.

Here's an example... As an adult Sunday School teacher, I wrote many skits to illustrate the themes of my lessons. I chose my favorites and sent them to Tracey to display in the site. Not only did she encode and place the skits where they belonged; she searched the internet to find images that would match the content of the skits! In fact, she did such a good job picking the images, that I didn't change a single one.

If you've checked out Tracey's websites, you know that she is involved in a lot of different things. You'd never guess that from her turnaround times, though. More than once, I had to play catch up, as she encoded the content faster than I could prepare it for her!

My particular project was very much a joint effort. I understand, though, that Tracey offers the full spectrum of web design options, from a simple design based on a template, to a "turnkey" website, where she gets all the info up front, and lets you know when the website is finished.

Personally, I'm glad I didn't choose either of these options, because working with Tracey was fun! In some ways, I had been dreading creating my website, because I knew it would be a massive project. And it was. But seeing things take shape so quickly and the friendly banter in our emails made me look forward to each time I'd log on.

Just so you know, I've never written a testimonial before. But Tracey's work was so extraordinary, so far above what I expected, that I had to write this. Selecting Tracey as my website designer was, quite simply, the best decision I could have made for my website. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I'm sure you'll feel that way too.

Harris Dvores
Harris Dvores
Harris Dvores Official Homepage. Star Trek Scripts, Christian Music, Downloadable Games and MP3's, Christian Skits, Prayers and Poems.


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