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Click Here to visit the Design Gallery Hi Tracey,
I just thought Iíd let you know what my site means to me and how much I appreciate all you did in designing it and getting it up and running. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial!

Iíd tried to do my own site several times before, using the free web-space and templates available, but they all looked horrible, and I never did get the hang of uploading them. It was a total waste of time! I think one of the great things wasnít just the hours of work you put in, outside of our meetings, but also your enthusiasm; you were just as committed and interested in getting it right as I was, if not more so! Iíve never really experienced that level of interest before in any of my projects. One of my friends said the look of my site reflects my personality perfectly! Thatís a great testimonial to your skills - translating someone elseís ideas into cyberspace! Considering how un-technical I was (and still am) what you did was a bit of a miracle, really.

Now, thanks to my site, Iíve got people all over the world interested in my healing pictures and tools, and have made some good friends. I love having a place to put all my latest products or thoughts about life! I would never have known whether there are others interested in what Iím doing without my site. Even though my stuff appeals to a minority of people, Iíve already made a fair number of sales, which is very encouraging.

Thanks for showing me how to maintain my site, too. Itís a great feeling, uploading a new page, knowing that people all over the world can be reading it within seconds!! Every time I do that I feel dead chuffed. Never in a zillion years could I have done that on my own! The free stats counter you insisted on giving me is great, too. You know I said I wouldnít use that? Well - I do! All those pages of free-stuff you found are incredibly popular, and get people to visit in the first place. I find the time-zone and moon phases programmes very useful!

Iíve had lots of comments from people saying how much they like the site. I really canít imagine anyone else but you who would take so much trouble over the design. Youíve designed it so it not only looks good, and works properly, but also gets picked up by all the big search engines! Your marketing experience is invaluable there. Then, with all that, you also added so much of your own creative input. Fantastic!

So thanks again,
all the best,
Jane Rees
Energy healing tools, alternative articles, news, resources and free fun, educational interactive online applications.


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