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TV Lines Effect
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Creating TV lines effect using Adobe Photoshop
Tutorial: TV lines effects
Software: Adobe Photoshop 6.0
Difficulty: Beginner

This Adobe web tutorial will show you how to jazz up your photos or graphics with cool looking TV lines effect.

First off you need to fire up Adobe and go file + open. Open the file that you would like to add the TV lines effect to.

I opened the below file which is 119x150 pixels. Note: You are free to right click and save this file to test it out on.

Image file diagram

Now we will create a new file by going file + new. A box will appear (see below diagram). Name the new file tvlines and set the width the same as your image file (the one that you want to add the TV lines effect to). Set the height to 1 pixel.

New file diagram

Your new file should look like the below diagram.

What it looks like diagram.

You will now need to fill this transparent file with the colour black. Note: You can also use other colours other than black, however dark colours are best for greater results.

Having filled the file with the colour black now you need to go image + canvas size. A box will appear (see below). Increase the height by one pixel and make sure the anchor arrows are pointing up (to do this click on the bottom middle square).

Increase the canvas size diagram

Your file will now look like the below diagram.

What it now looks like after increased canvas size diagram

Now press Ctrl + A on your keyboard to select the file. Next go to edit + define pattern. A small box will appear click OK.

Now go back to your first file (the one that you want to add the TV lines effect to) and click on this little icon >> Adding a new layer to create a new layer.

Now go to edit + fill. A box will appear (see the below diagram). Make sure that the blending mode is overlay and that the opacity is 100%. Note: You can use other blending modes, however for better results choose the overlay setting and the opacity at 100%.

Fill with new pattern diagram

Wey hey..your image should now look like this (see the below diagram ).

Photo with TV lines effect diagram

You can mess around with different blending modes and opacity levels to change the TV lines effect accordingly, however overlay is often the best option for photos.

I hope this tutorial was of help.

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