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Weather Scroller & Forecast Providers

Live weather feeds and weather forecasts can be an asset to any website, providing dynamically updating content by addding a small piece of code where you want it to appear. The following list contains links and descriptions of weather content providers and resources who supply weather content, meteorological information or solar and geomagnetic activity monitors for use on personal, non-profit and commercial websites. links to pages I have designed with working examples like this sites Weather Section have been listed along with the providers url.

Weather Feeds & Forecast Providers
Join the affiliate program to receive a variety of mainly US weather content free to use on your website. They also provide some live satellite feeds plus seasonally appropriate banners, buttons and search boxes that link back to your co-branded page.

Americas Weather
(Temporarily suspended - keep coming back to this page for updates).

BBC Weather
UK and worldwide weather in conjunction with the Met Office. Not available as a feed but a good site to include a text link to with climate change, travel, sports and marine weather plus pollen count, severe weather warnings, webcam and calculators. Fun games like weather hangman, interactive diy weathermap, storm troopers and bbc weather quiz will also while away some time.

Blue Skies Weather Feed
Free live weather feed for your website using a small javascript code. Choose from Australia, America, Asia, Africa or Europe plus the ability to deliver weather in Chinese, German, Korean and Japanese. Forecasts can be displayed in both Celcius and Fahrenheit. Follow the instructions by copying the code and replacing the ZZZZZ with the city of your choice. Unbranded weather feeds also available. Users are requested to send an email with the url of the page where the free weather feed is used. Click Here to see working example.
Free customisable daily weather forecasts for your website. Various options including graphic displays using javascript are currently available with flash options in beta testing. The DynaWX headquarters forecast is also provided but location cannot be changed. Although the site has international weather, but at time of writing I could only get US states to work. Click Here to view working example.

Great Weather UK
Ant Veal's Weather Centre is an extensive page of links that contains lists of weather webcams, satellite and rainfall radar images, forecast charts, current weather and forecast providers.

Free graphic live weather forecasts, weather search box, radar images, road conditions, satellite images and forecasts available for your site. US and international feeds include current conditions, forecasts, Buoy/Cman, Ski conditions, monthly climate data with images for all US regions. There are several graphic link options for specific lifestyle sites including travel, marine, driving, kite flying, boat & beach, ski/snow, health, tropical, golf, stargazing, car racing, almanac, home & garden, park/seashore, fall foliage and storm weather. Registration required for some content (free) plus Syndicated Content also available. Click Here for working example.

Kansas Weather
Copy and paste the javascript code provided into your page for a free 160 pixel Kansas weather column. There are adjustable variables so that you can display weather from any of their four satellite stations including Wichita, Great Bend, Garden City or McCook / Oberlin. Permission for use required so that they can inform you of changes or code updates.

MeoSat (The University of Nottingham)
MeoSat satellite image service with downloadable images, info on accessing the archive and mirror sites plus pictures and background info on the satellite and ground station. Click Here and click on the thumbnail to see the latest satellite image.

Free and priced customisable static or scrolling news and weather feeds available in javascript, RSS, PHP, ASP, C#, VB.Net, WDDX, XML RPC, CDF and PERL formats in a wide variety of specialised and general subjects. Click Here to view an example weather feed and Here for a working example of the Internet News feed.

NOAA National Weather Service
RSS feeds for adding their weather news to your site.
Detailed UK weather using various free Java weather applets powered by AccuWeather that scroll the UK and Irelands weather forecasts. Free options include UK Overview plus 10 major cities, UK Overview plus your local city/town or sailing weather window plus various low cost options.

Qwikcast Weather Buttons
Add a free daily weather forecast button that displays the weather for any city from a selection of 40,000 US locations or 10,000 International locations or put a weather search box on your site with a few lines of code. Fee based content like 5 day forecasts are also available for licensing. The button fees require registration (free) but the search box code is available Here

Real Conditions
Non commercial sport or snow activity related sites can apply for free content including ski conditions for any resort in the world, resort data, shop data and club data. WAP content and custom content for commercial sites are also available.

Solar and Geomagnetic Activity Monitors
Add solar x-rays and a geomagnetic storm monitor which displays the latest solar flares or geomagnetic activity for your visitors. Click Here for working example.

Solar Propcaster
Add this real time radio and space weather forecast for radio propogation including brief description of atmospheric noise levels and radio conditions. Great for websites concerned with communication like ham radios, maritime information, space or satellites. Javascript code is provided in 4 background colours. Click Here for working example.

SWIFT Wx - Storm Warnings
Add free live US storm warnings to your website. Code for either a standard or colourful box is provided along with additional coding techniques to allow text wrap or vertical scrollbar. Branded versions are also available.

The Met Office
Provide datafeeds on application. The prices are high but certainly an option to consider if you are designing a large corporate company website. No free feeds but there is always the option of using a plain text link or using a graphic banner to link to the site.

The Weather Network
Add specialised Canadian weather content to your website with one of these graphical weather buttons like a map of canada showing current conditions, the current weather in any Canadian city you specify or a weather search box that allows you users to access Canadian, US and International forecasts by city and a direct button link going to your choice of forcasts or theweathernetwork home page for a variety of weather information.

Add free local time and weather conditions to your website. The javascript option is no longer available but if your site uses php you can add their new code. Choose a country, US state or pick the International option to display time and weather information in major cities around the world. Headline background colour can be configured to fit your sites.

University of Reading
The Department of Meteorology website contains various weather data including the automatic weather station, global weather data images and climate summaries plus real-time cloud radar images and research data. Although no free feeds are available, the weather data can be purchased or a link to the site will enable your users to find a wealth of information. Students can obtain data free from their tutors.

Volusia County Beaches
Add a free Volusia County, Florida beach report to add to your site with a piece of javascript code. This automatically updating content includes a beach forcast, for Daytona and New Smyrna Beaches complete with date, time, sunrise, sunset, sun index, water temp, low tide, high tide and link to the beachcams.
Sign up for a free weather magnet or detailed overview of the weather from the domestic or international city of your choice. Choose from a variety of backgrounds or a small logo search box. Customisable options are also available for purchase.

A variety of free automatically updating weather icons, zone forecasts, micro forecast, search box or weather station can be added to your site. Better for US states than International which seem to be difficult to access, although they do provide an email address for users to contact them if they encounter unavailable messages after installation.

World Travel Guide Weather
Free Framable worldwide, 5-day weather forecasts for your website. Choose the region, country, state and city you wish to display then click 'go'. Copy the url and use a text link, frame or iframe to display the weather on your site. Click Here to view working example.

Weather Underground
Include a weathersticker on your site free of charge. Use the searchbox to find a zip or city and on the forecast page click 'add this sticker' or add a windergraphic' to your homepage. Follow instructions, select banner and copy the html code provided to your page. Various graphical elements are available including one with sun and moon information plus a list of common installation problems with solutions. Click Here for working example.
US weather images on your site Free! There are 5 options that allow you to have the latest information on your site including WX stickers, level link and mx vision online 1. Registration is required to receive local radar image (USA only), current conditions image, logo or use the free custom link page that includes a single city forecast and National current conditions map which can be displayed on your site using frames. The other options include custom weather pages on co-branded pages (states this is free but not completely sure about this) plus custom weather content packages.

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