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Host fully functioning free website tools and addons. No scripts to install or software to download with these free remotely hosted service providers. Also check out the individual listings.

Remote Hosted Collections

Relatively new site offering remotely hosted linkpage/search engine and guestbook with other services like voting booth, toplist, postcard and discussion board available soon.
Provides links to free webspace, guestbooks, forums counters clipart graphics, fonts banners

Free and professional web tools including compact url, link cloaker, web traffic, search engine submission, statistics tracker, link popularity, meta tags, keywords, article dispenser, link watch,

Black Fire Networks
Range of free remotely hosted CGI Scripts for members including counters, polls, password protection, browser redirection, clocks, random links, random images, countdown timers, feedback forms, environment data, anti spam and free for all link page. No advertisements! Pro accounts provide more generous quotas for a monthly fee.
Free counter, plugins, guestbook, Elist, javascripts and java apps.

Bpath UK
Web services and website tools for webmasters. Includes hypersubmit, banner exchange, hyper traffic, hyper recommend and hyper rank, hyperpoll, quick banner, hyper tracker, hyperguestbook, hypersearch, hyperfeedback, hypercounter, affiliate program. Also available as private label and for reselling.

One of the largest and better known remotely hosted web tools providers has both free and professional options available. Web tool add-ons include Hit Counters, Guestbook, Message Forum, Email Forms, Mini Poll, Live Chat, Guestmap, Password Gate, URL Re-direct, Mailing List, Tell-A-Friend, Free-For-All links, Password Protect, Cartoons, Website Hosting plus HTML Tutorials, an extensive Clip Art Archive. The biggest downside of these tools are a hefty amount of adverts and a popup on the free services, although users may upgrade to the pro option to get ads removed. View working examples at: Vocalist.

Free guestbooks, messageboards and tell a friend.

Offers over 25 free remotely hosted ad supported and priced CGI scripts like auctions, e-cards, web boards, counters, guestbooks, download tracker, anti-spam, classified ads, counter, email form, ffa links, icq pager, banner rotator, random text, shopping cart, start page, top sites, webrings, clock/date, jump box, meta search, news, random image, search engine, chat, countdown, faq, mailing list, password protect, random link, send a site, spam protection, voting booth, site stats, stories, url submitter. Although there are no banner ads, most of the free services include several popups which I found too annoying.

Cut and Paste Scripts
Free and advert free remotely hosted scripts for you to use on your website including random images, random links, random text, countdown, counters, statistics, drop down menu, recommendation, guestbook, newsletter, form processing and voting.

Free online ad supported webmaster tools include classified ads, guestbook, forum and more.

Free online ad supported classifieds which allow visitors to buy, sell or trade on your website plus other webmaster tools.

Fido Free CGI
Free remotely hosted web forum, guestbook, feedback form and password protection. Paid options remove their banner ads and allow users to embed the code in their pages.

Fish Clix
Free remotely hosted webtools for fishing and angling websites including a fully featured calendar, Site tracker, banner exchange, giveaways, polls, surveys, articles, news, weather, messageboard, Baitfish websearch and classifieds. You can also submit your site to thefishfinder directory.

No cost and ad-free remotely hosted tools including forums, guestbooks, counters, polls, awards, secure email form, live helper, search engine analyzer and submitter. Relatively new site so new tools are in the process of being added.

Google Directory
This link leads directly to their listing of Remotely Hosted Script Providers

Free tools for webmasters including guestbook, awards, cool sites directory, jokes, pc tips, webmaster tips, greeting cards, password protect, web poll, top 50 list. Demo versions at site show a text banner at top and bottom of page. Also provides links to cgi and javascript tutorials and resources.

Collection of free plug-ins for webmasters including personals, email, search, astrology, poll, forum, guestbook, ffa, quiz, tell-a-friend, ecards, form mail, organiser, classifieds and jokes. They also split the banner ad space with you.

Part of Lycos, this site provides free remotely hosted tools like news headlines, events, feedback, guestbook, links page, tell a friend, poll - various options available for personal and business use. linkback and/or banner ad displayed on free services.

iBluegrass Magazine
Free Web hosting (for bands only) and banner free add-on tools including free guestbook, free poll, free "mail this page" button.

Remotely hosted calculating order forms, ad banners, forums, guestbooks, hit counters, text search, postcards, classifieds, form processing, chat, shopping carts. No ads, no programming, no cgi experience required.... try the Free 7 day trial. Prices start from $10 per month.

Free remotely hosted ad free web services including guestbook, hit counter, mini poll, quickmailer, meta tag generator, tell a friend and password protect.
Real time instant content portal for websites which includes chat, messageboard, free web-based email and web hosting. Use a sub-domain or your own domain name. Customisable templates.

On Your Site
Free Jokes, Quotes, Time and Weather, Currency Exchange Calculator and world wide clock can be added to your site by copying and pasting the code provided into your page.

Variety of remotely hosted applications like chat rooms, messageboard, web form and polls plus free and pay for site monitoring service.

Information and links to free remotely hosted webtools plus script archives for asp, cfml, c and cpp, flash, java, javascript, php, perl, python, tools and utilities, visual basic and xml.
Several free advertising supported (banner and popup) remotely hosted scripts configurable to suit the look and feel of your website, advanced users have the option of using html code. WebApps include Discussion/Messageboard with mailing linst and RSS syndication, Database app which can be used to create online addressbooks, order forms, guest books, NewsApp RSS-based news aggregator, ListApp mailing list manager and CalendarApp the interactive online calendar. The support is excellent and they have support forums where users can help each other. Ad free pro version also available.

Free remotely hosted guestbook, ffa links, forum and hit counter plus online tools and script database.
23 free remotely hosted ad supported scripts including tell a friend, postcards, maillist builder, random link, search engine, counter, countdown, random image, top sites, headline news, funlibs, interactive story, download tracker, messageboard, guestbook, compliments, password protection, whats new, voting booth, free links, jump box, spam fighter, content. (payed add free options available).

Spiritualtea Toys
Free remotely hosted content for webmasters including articles on spiritual topics like divining and dynamically changing articles on each of the eight sabbats, free chatroom, spell advisor, coffee fortune teller and astro love. View some of them in action at Healing Symbols.

Free remotely hosted hit counter with over 100 styles to choose from plus free ad supported guestbook and mini-forum. Pro tools include surveys, polls, ad butler and mail forms.

Free remotely hosted guestbooks, messageboards, free for all links, hit counter and image gallery where you can upload your own photos, animations, backgrounds and other graphics for others to view and rate.

Free services and content to help Star Trek webmasters build, advertise and maintain their sites. Includes graphics, java scripts, fonts, top site list, browser comparison chart, free web templates and LCARS design packages, link exchange, link popularity, warp 9 star trek only search engine, banner exchange, trek connection award,

Advert free remotely hosted counter, jumpbox, refer-a-friend, mailing list, form-2-email, web poll, messageboard, web search, site news, faq manager scripts.
FREE remotely hosted CGI scripts to improve your website, plus a new script added every month. Site undergoing a re-vamp.

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