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Most hosting companies provide graphical or textual statistics and/or counters but if you want an independent system, there are plenty of fully functioning counters, tracking and statistics available on the net. Installation is easy, no html or programming knowledge is required, just simply copy and paste the code supplied into the page where you wish it to be displayed. No scripts to install or software to download with these free remotely hosted services. Also check out the Remote Collections.

Remote Hosted Counters & Stats

Rather cool free animated interactive live counter with stats, choose from butterflies, smilies, flying buck and snaky who fly/run around your pages and contain list of configurable links when clicked. Free static counter also avalable plus extra pack options like email reports, hidden counter with remote visibility switcher.

Free access counters and trackers in various styles plus access reports on pages hosting an Aaddzz ad space or tracker.

Although this is somewhat tedious to set up if you have lots of pages, (popup ads on control panel pages) the service is free, the stats are extensive (visitor, pages, date, operating system, exit pages, reloads, referrers, search engines, last 40) which can be password protected plus you can view the listing in real-time, by hour, day, week, month and year plus the counter is small (88x31). Additional freebies include the 'inlive online' code which displays how many people are actually on your website in real time, a free counter, free email notification when user defined visits your site an IP alert free email notification when your site is attacked ! By far the best free counter and tracking service I've seen although on the downside the code can slow down the pageload time during busy periods. View working examples at Neat & Trim Cleaning Agency.

Free Counter and statistics tracker includes page impressions, unique visitors, reloads, referrers, exit pages, browser, averages, this hour, today and this month plus includes link to your site in their directory.

An excellent guide to counter services on the internet with links to free and pay for web counters / tracker providers plus information on counters that crash your computer, slow down your server, analyse your server logs or hoard images for use with cgi counters.

eXTReMe Tracker
Wide range of advanced statistics including unique visitors, reloads, geo, system, referrer, last 20 visitors, days, weeks, months, hours. The downside is that unless you ugrade to a paid account, anyone can view the detailed statistics for your site and some users have complained about slow counter loading and missing images.

Easy to install javascript code that displays the amount of visitors currently on the page in text.

Free Stats
Free hit counter and page tracker statistics. Hourly, daily, monthly and yearly traffic, most popular pages, current visitors, top referrers, search engines, keywords, time spent on site, return frequency, path reports (top entry/exit pages), visitor profile (last 100 visitors, window size, browser, operating system, monitor resolution, colours, languages, countries, operating system and timezone. A banner must be placed on your webpage to use this service, although a paid, ad free option is available.

Supplier of services and products for measuring, reporting and analysing website traffic. Provides Basic Free version for non-commercial sites only. Tracks pageviews per hour, week, and month, plus list of last 10 visitors and a variety of new displays. Site has pages for the UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden and Spain plus similar professional products for commercial sites.
Free page counters in various styles including text, graphic or invisible. Displays visits this week, this month, this year, system settings, total visits, referring domains (with count and Whois), plus detailed statistics for the last 100 visitors. Supports unlimited number of multiple pages with no ads or backlinks required.

Free hit counters plus useful articles like what to look for in a webhost. Counter provides in-depth traffic reports, unlimited web pages, real time statistics, password protection, last and top 25 referring pages, browser, os, search engine etc., Free and simple to install.

Free, fast, and easy way to add a web counter to your web page. Not only does it display the number of visitors to your web site, it also keeps statistics on the number of visits each hour and each day. Variety of counter styles available.

Up to 3 free remotely hosted web counters per site (only 1 counter on 1 page allowed) provided for sites with less than 1000 page views a day (sites that exceed this must sign up for a commercial account). Customisable html code and linkback required.

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