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Remotely Hosted Email List Services
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Remotely Hosted E-Lists

Build a mailing list or discussion e-group at your website without knowing html or programming. No scripts to install or software to download with these free remotely hosted services. Also check out the Remote Collections.

Remote Hosted Email Lists

Free Lists
Free internet mailing lists for technology related groups and individuals. They provide users with subscriber only mailing lists with no ads inserted, full remote management, web based user and administrator interface, a webpage that you build to advertise your list, web based searchable list archives and technical support.

ListBot & List Builder
Email list management services (discussion or annnouncement style) provided by Microsoft's bCentral. Both collect email addresses automatically, sends email to all your visitors with one click, tells you demographics like age, occupation, manages your mailing lists for you, stores your messages for re-use and can be offered direct from your site using the code provided. The free version is ad supported.

Start your own email list and create a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter, or new products announcement service and get paid for your subscribers (opt-in only) and join their affiliate program to earn from your referrals to their service. Each person that subscribes to your list must also subscribe to one of the ListPower Announcement services which are rented out to Ad Agencies or Advertisers.

Mojo Mail
Free mailing list software written in Perl that runs on any hosting account which allows custom CGI scripts. Includes customisable list builder, sign up page plus web based administration control panel for ease of maintainance, archived messages. An unlimited number of mailing lists can be created and various extension scripts are also available.

most popular open source email campaign manager. phplist is free to download, install and use, and is easy to integrate with any website. Now available as a remotely hosted service. Free demo trial version or paid monthly.

Yahoo Groups
Free remotely hosted mailing list discussion groups with customisable online pages that include options for users to upload files, photos and links plus searchable archives. Uses lots of ads both at the group site and in emails.

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