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Remotely Hosted Email Services
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Remotely Hosted Email Services

Offer your members and site visitors free or professional email services from your website without knowing html or programming. No scripts to install or software to download with these free remotely hosted services. Also check out the Remote Collections.

Pitfalls of offering free email services include the ability for allow anyone to sign up and abuse the system - (can be a real pain unless you have staff or knowledge to deal with the problems that arise from this). This in turn can get your site blacklisted as a spammer by places like SpamCop so be aware of the potential problems before registering to use one of these services.

Remote Hosted E-Mail
Free plug-in email service using their domain or your domain name (large US audience required for Sponsored Ad service). Banner ads are shared with you and the email service is customisable to fit your sites look and feel with 6mb space (upgradable to 25mb), email notification, spam protection plus earn commission if users upgrade to pro services which include virus checker, pop3, imap, smtp and technical support. Other free ad supported plug-ins for websites include search engine, ad sales and forums. Easy to set up. No html knowledge required (although advanced webmasters can use coding). Ability to email subscribers and view stats (complete listings for over 500 users requires payment). There is little support for the Sponsored version and it's not easy to find, however, the company have always been helpful with genuine problems and one off or ongoing tech support is available for a fee. The MailPlus service is used for the Electric Blues Club Email and Vocalist Email, both of which started out offering the Free service.

ZapZone free email service
Offer your users free email service at your domain or a unique email address for your group, community, club, family.... Email addresses are (not and you can choose from 14 languages, customise the colours and logos, add a tagline plus keep in touch with the mailing list. Pro option includes pop3 access. There is far less information on this site than any of the others although a Flash Demo is available - not a lot of use if you don't have or your computer doesn't like Flash - like every computer I've ever owned!

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