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Remotely Hosted Search Engines

Site search hosting providers allow website owners to host fully functioning site and web search engine or directory online at your website without knowing html or programming. No scripts to install or software to download with these free remotely hosted services. These work exactly like a search engine, by indexing your site periodically to collect and compile information which is stored in a database. When users make a search the query is directed to the search engine host which returns search results of your site. Also check out the Remote Collections.

Remote Hosted Search

Alta Vista
Add the popular Alta Vista search engine to your website with a simple piece of code.
Remotely hosted free (under 500 pages) search engine service for your site. Customize the results page, control rank results, find out what people are searching for.

Add customized free content to your site! Content includes news, jobs, classifieds, business profiles or search engine and BuildFind will provide it to your website Free with your own personalised look and feel!

Free search engine includes text and content section search, site map, statistics and customizable layout. Free version displays banner ad, or pay for no advertising. Site available in English and German

FreeFind **
Free, remotely hosted site and web search engine with plenty of customization options and reports that track visitors' searches. There is no fixed page limit, but there is a 32MB bandwidth limit and free version has sponsored links plus banner at top of results page. See our working example in the right hand column!

Remotely hosted search service allowing up to 250 pages on your site to be indexed. Free package includes monthly update of your site index.

Free google site search box for your website! Useful if you don't want email reports but no good for sites on free hosts like tripod - own domain or sub-domain required. Paid options and free educational no ad search options available.

Put a search engine on your page and get paid (a few cents) everytime someone uses it. Several options to earn more money available plus Pay-Per-Text ads and private label search engine with your own name on the search box and own advertising on the return list. Software licensing also available.

Pico Search
Free and pro site search options. Their free plan will index up to 1,500 pages of your site, and supports multi-site searching so you can search your network of sites. For a fee, you can remove the ads they place on the search results.

Include this free Indian websearch engine to your site by cutting and pasting the code provided into your webpage. Asian sites can also add their url to the search engine.

Free site search engine for websites containing up to 1000 pages with banners or pay for no advertising.

Fully customisable banner free web search with choice of catagories.

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