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Remotely Hosted Site Recommendation

There is no better recommendation than 'Word of Mouth'. If you have a good website, let your users Tell A Friend about you directly from your site! Promote your website with a site recommendation service! These free remotely hosted services allow your visitors to tell their friends about your site. All you do is enter the code provided into the page where you wish it to be displayed. Some customisation (color, font etc.,) usually available although sites like 'Recommend It' provide members with code and a choice of button to add to your site. Also check out the Remote Collections.

Tell A Friend

No registration, no javascripts, no pop-ups, no fees, just a free and simple bit of html to insert into your web page.

Free tell-a-friend system which pays you for adding it to your site. Newsletter integration.

Tell A Friend
Let your visitors tell their friends about your site with this free site recommendation, tell a friend remotely hosted script.

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